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A family commitment to serving the community 



A family commitment to serving the community 



Our family has experienced the impact of autism for almost three decades and has supported local autism intervention programs for an equally long time. We know wholeheartedly how challenging it can be to overcome some of the obstacles associated with an autism spectrum diagnosis; establishing meaningful activities, teaching functional self-help and home living skills, improving expressive language and language comprehension are some of the things we have been dealing with on a very personal level.

A few years back, leveraging the work experience of our family and staff and the availability of land and equipment at our Vineyard, we created a team, the “A Team” with the goal of creating job opportunities for adults with autism through the creation of various work projects aimed at creating useful and sellable products. The success of this project evolved into a new venture: the establishment of a non profit organization dedicated to provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities, Pennington Adult Living Services (PALS).

PALS is a  provider of services  approved by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). Our mission is to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities achieve more independent, productive, and happy lives.


We appreciate your interest and support.



Sergio and Violetta Neri

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