Stay tuned for update

PALS on Main, our workshop and community store, had a successful launch last fall, opening its doors on October 18, 2019 in our first location!


We are currently in the process of moving down the street to a larger, more accessible location where our staff and participants will once again get busy creating products for the store...from handcrafted room decorations, to soaps and lotions, to unique greeting cards, PALS on Main will once again be chock full of exciting products.


PALS on main is a great way for PALS participants to get involved in the Pennington community. By purchasing an items in our store, not only do you receive an item with heart and soul, you also enable disabled individuals to learn how to participate in meaningful work, explore their vocations, and better themselves.

On your visit, you may see Catherine learning how to sew, or Ari delivering his woodworking from the vineyard. This workspace allows participants to acquire skills in a supportive environment while contributing to the community through the successful sale of their creations.


PALS also sells products that are fair trade, recycled, repurposed, or dedicated to awareness and support of social causes around the world. Any retail item has been carefully hand-selected by our staff to ensure PALS does it's part in bettering people in Pennington and around the world!

Our staff and participants look forward to seeing you soon!